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How do I use Cart Mama?

Shopping with kids is hard enough, so we made adding Cart Mama to any cart super easy. 1. position Cart Mama on the right side of the cart (it'll fit the left side too, but the handy phone and coupons pocket will be toward the front), 2. attach straps to one end using the D ring and Velcro 3. repeat on the other side. 4. attach the center support strap using the same method. That's it! You may have to try the straps in different places on the cart to get the perfect taut fit.

Does Cart Mama fit all shopping carts?

Yes! Due to its adjustable straps, Cart Mama fits on any and all carts.

How is Cart Mama different from other products?

Most notably Cart Mama allows baby to stay in the carrier - a huge plus for shopping with newborns, when the weather report is looking bleak, making a quick trip, or keeping a sleepy baby sleeping. It also works on all carts and can be used well after the child is grown - it's a product they'll never outgrow!

How should I clean Cart Mama?

Cart Mama is machine washable and can be tossed right in the washing machine. To keep the vibrant colors looking fresh, we recommend setting your washer to hand wash, delicate, or gentle and using cold water. A mild detergent will do the trick and it can hang to dry (no dryer, please!).

What are other uses for Cart Mama?

Cart Mama is designed to give shoppers more space, so it's perfect for large families. It's also great to keep shopping items separate making it perfect if you shop for yourself and someone else, like a parent or senior.