Cart Mama Invited to Pitch Innovative Shopping Cart Solution to Walmart Buyers

Made in the USA and Designed for Moms, Cart Mama™ Gives More Room for Items, Keeps Kids Safe

May 14, 2018—PROVIDENCE, RI — Lifelong Rhode Island resident Kelly Santos has been invited to Walmart headquarters in June to pitch her innovative product that helps parents shop more conveniently and safely with children. On June 13, she will travel to Walmart’s corporate office in Bentonville, Ark., to take part in the company’s U.S. Manufacturing Open Call. The two-day event is comprised of presentations, networking, and deal-making, including a potential offer to sell her product on Walmart shelves and

Cart Mama™ is a shopping cart attachment that provides more space for items when shopping with little ones. The product was conceptualized after a nightmare shopping trip with a newborn and toddler and is likely one in which most parents can identify—a sleeping newborn in a car seat carrier taking up all the cart space, plus a rambunctious toddler in the seated area left little room for items and created a dangerous environment for a newborn.

“After speaking to other moms, I realize we all share this similar problem of not having enough space when shopping with our kids,” says Kelly Santos, product developer of Cart Mama and mom to two toddlers. “Being able to showcase this solution with a platform as big as Walmart offers, is an unbelievable opportunity to get the product into the hands of parents challenged with this same issue.”

The product is designed especially to:

  • Give parents more space to buy all the items they need without having to dangerously store items around their child or car seat carrier
  • Avoid dangerously balancing a car seat carrier on top of the cart

Other benefits of Cart Mama include:

  • Universal fit, so it works on any cart—including wholesale stores like Sam’s Club
  • Convenient storage for your phone, debit, credit, and reward cards, and keys so you can ditch the heavy purse and shop more freely
  • Roll-up design for compact storage and easy transport
  • Shoulder strap to easily carry items into the home—especially handy for locations that have plastic bag bans
  • Vibrant, durable, machine-washable fabric to keep it clean
  • Proudly made in the USA

Cart Mama has also been featured on Yahoo! The Elevator Pitch. To learn more or to purchase Cart Mama, visit,, or send a message to

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