6 Easy, Energizing Snacks for Moms (and kids, too!)

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If you're like me, many moms spend a good chunk of their day on-the-go and in the car—whether it's a commute, running errands, grocery shopping, or trips to the playground or zoo. And, it can be an uphill battle trying to maintain energy without buckets of coffee and sustain a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Here are eight of my favorite easy snacks for busy days.

  1. Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt with Granola: If you freeze the yogurt overnight, it'll defrost throughout the day so refrigeration isn't an issue. Toss in some low-sugar granola for a nice crunch.

  2. Toasted Chickpeas: A friend turned me on to these and they are amazing! You can make your own or purchase from any grocery store (Amazon too!). Here is a recipe I love that is great to also involve the kids in. If you prefer sweet over spicy, just forgo the cayenne and instead add some cinnamon, honey, and a little brown sugar. Yum!

  3. To-Go Yogurt Parfait/Overnight Oats: Combine all ingredients in a mason jar or similar size container (recipe here). They fit perfectly in car cup holders and a screw on/off top means you can bring it wherever your day takes you!

  4. Dried Fruit Trail Mix: Dried fruit has come a long way—gone are the days of sugar-laden mango and banana chips as a new style trial mix is being ushered in with little sugar and lower calories. I make my own in bulk once a month and usually combine nuts, dried apple chips, Craisins, coconut flakes, mini chocolate chips (a mom's gotta live), and dried mango. It can be a little time-consuming, but I have my 3.5 year old help and we pre-package in snack bags for easy snacking.

  5. 100 Calorie Pack Almonds: Pre-packaged are a little more expensive, but buying in bulk when on sale can save some $ and keep my portion size in-check.

  6. Banana and Jif Single PB Containers: These last in almost any temperature car (just don't forget the banana is in there or your car will smell like hot banana!) and make for a balanced snack of carbs, healthy sugar, protein, and fat.

What are your go-to ideas?

Happy snacking!