5 Favorite Blogs About Self-Care

There is so much talk these days about "self-care", that it's almost a buzzword akin to "synergy" or "outside the box". But behind the snazzy phrase lies a very important element that as caregivers, moms tend to overlook: caring for ourselves in order to be able to care for others. It's similar to flying; the attendant instructs you to always secure your oxygen mask before assisting others—you can't take good care of others, if you're not whole yourself.

After two babies in two years and toddlers that now sleep through the night (most nights), I'm finally at a point-in-time where I feel like I can (and should) take the 20 to 30 minutes a day for self-care. That phrase means different things for different people; for some it means curling up with a good book and enjoying silence, while others may opt to pound pavement and blast Britney Spears (judge-free zone, folks).

For me, it means different things on different days; some nights I need a long walk around the neighborhood and an early bedtime, other times I want a glass of wine, popcorn, and "This Is Us". My point here, is that our body, minds, and well-being needs to be nourished by different things at various points-in-time.

To get more in-tune with self-care and better understand (and let's be honest, better justify) my alone time (hello, mom guilt), I scoured popular blogs and content for what others are doing and how it nourishes caregivers. Here, I list my top five for some easy, enjoyable reading.

  1. How Stress Impacts Your Kids: This is a good read for those of us who tend to neglect ourselves and instead focus on others. This is great for those looking for reasons to justify self-care.
  2. Caregiver: The Problem With Being Strong: Such a great article to share with those in your family and village. This piece helps them understand that even lions need to be asked if they're okay. Especially good for those caring for someone other than a child.
  3. Self-Care Strategies For Busy Moms: A great guide with simple, easy ways to start the journey of caring for yourself. This is especially good for moms hesitant to take time away from family members.
  4. One Surprisingly Simple Self-Care Rule for Highly Sensitive Moms: I identify with this one so much, especially the part about solitude. This blog will resonate with introverted moms that seek alone-time to recharge.
  5. 9 Self-Care Practices I Can't Live Without: This author identifies little ways she sprinkles self-care throughout her day. A great reminder that self-care doesn't need to be in large time chunks, it just has to be fulfilling.

There are so many ways we can recharge. How do you take time for self-care?

Kelly SantosComment