Moms Helping Moms: An Intro to Momidarity

From the moment I connected with Jenny at Momidarity, I knew we'd get along great. For starters, we both have nearly the same age kids, she's in New England (and currently weathering some serious winter storms like we are), and she works tirelessly connecting moms to other moms (something I support and appreciate). Jenny graciously authored this guests piece and has offered moms 20% off using the promo CARTMAMA. Read below to learn more about this awesome platform.

Hi!  I’m Jenny.  I’m a full time working mom to two young kids, and I’m sending a virtual fist bump to all you hard working mamas out there to tell you that you are amazing. Seriously, you don’t get enough credit for all that you do!  

Yes, motherhood is wonderful, but it can also be incredibly hard, exhausting, lonely and isolating.  And that is why I founded Momidarity, a new kind of support group that makes it easy for moms to get advice, have opportunities to vent, share stories, and just commiserate with other moms, because it is so necessary!

If you’ve ever attended a traditional moms group, you probably have an idea of how helpful it is to sit in a room full of women who completely understand what you’re going through. They totally get the baby blues, issues with body image, lack of sleep, blowouts, tantrums, eating strikes, relationship trouble, and everything else that comes with being a mom. Unfortunately these opportunities to connect don’t exist for moms who either work or don’t have the flexibility to attend an in-person group.  That is why we developed Momidarity, a virtual support group service, so that moms can get the support they deserve without having to leave the house!

Each of our groups runs for 4 weeks, meeting once a week during the evening after kids have (hopefully!) gone to bed, so that moms can talk, share and vent without interruption.   Our moms are known to eat ice cream and drink wine during the session, and relish in the opportunity to just relate to other moms going through the same challenges of modern motherhood that they are.

It’s time to put ourselves first!   An hour a week is all you need to join in on the movement!  We'd love for you to join one of our upcoming groups.  Use coupon code CARTMAMA for 20% off!


"Talking to other moms for an hour about our concerns, lives and challenges really rejuvenated me as a mom.  It is nice to talk to like-minded people about the trials of parenthood, good and bad. I completed an in-person Mommy and Me group when my son was born and that really helped me form friendships and have a support system.  Now that I am a working parent of a 7 month old and toddler, this forum gave me a safe space to talk about being a parent without being judged, and it worked with my schedule."   -- Esther, mom to Leo (3) and Maya (7 months)    

Jenny Hopf is a full time working mom who loves her two kids.  She also loves red wine, exposed brick, and jeans that come in ankle length. When she’s not working as the Director of Online and Professional Education for a college in Boston, she’s hanging with her kids, husband, old English bulldog, and running Momidarity - a virtual support service for busy moms!  This is all made possible by a passion for women’s mental health and coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.