3 Ways to Make Holiday Shopping Bearable


Sharing holidays with your children can be magical—the passing down of traditions, watching their face light up (or grimace) when they meet Santa, and even hiding that pesky Elf all around the house. But when it comes to shopping for them—and let's face it, not everything can be bought online—it can be downright miserable.

Here, I share 3 ways to make holiday shopping easier with kids in tow.

  1. A planned out list by aisle. When I grocery shop, I make my list by aisle. As moms, we KNOW where everything is in the store by heart. I usually make my list, check it twice (har, har), and then rewrite it according to where in the store it's located. If you're unsure of where some items are, you can't lose if you map it out by produce & deli, sale items (usually there is one aisle dedicated to this), cereals (hot, cold, snacks), bread, meat, dairy, and frozen.
  2. A coffee, water, wine, and a snack. Just kidding on the wine (sort of), but I'm notorious for being hangry. I'm sure it must be genetic, so I always have some snacks and beverages on-hand to keep me happy. Oh, and the little ones too.
  3. An extra hand. Umm, where do you store the presents or groceries when you have a little one (or two) in tow? There is never enough space. Ever. I always bring Cart Mama to make sure I can pack my items safely, away from the kids, and ensure I have enough space to tackle everything on my list in one trip.

I'd love to know—what are some tricks to tackling your holiday wish lists?

Kelly SantosComment