3 Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Easier


There are so many everyday, seemingly mundane things I like to do with my kids, like getting a car wash or doing yard work. But if there is one activity I don't love doing with them in tow, it's grocery shopping. With a toddler and infant, I run into serious space issues, not to mention the challenge of keeping everyone happy and everything in my cart. Because of this, I try to do three things each time I shop that will almost always keep things running smoothly. Here, I round up some of my favorite ways to make grocery shopping a breeze.

1. Steal a snack.
Hungry kids are a nightmare. And hey, you better eat something too (a hangry mom is even worse). I sometimes break grocery shopping rules and let my kids pick out a banana while we shop. This satisfies two things: 1. They feel involved because they're grabbing something on their own and 2. They eat a healthy snack. I grab a produce bag for the peels and then purchase at the end.

2. Bring some space.
Jake is three and a half and Brooke is 15 months, so they take up a considerable amount of room in the cart. Not to mention that Brooke really enjoys taking items out of the cart and throwing them on the ground (most of our bread ends up smooshed). So, I always make sure I bring cart mama to grab everything I need vs. making multiple small trips throughout the week. This way, I can still involve my kids in grocery shopping, but also preserve my sanity and knock off everything on my list.

3. Play high-tech I Spy
When I get desperate and need to finish up shopping, but the kids are getting antsy, I fork over my phone and we play I Spy. To spice up a traditional game, I ask them to find something in the store; Brooke helps to spot the object and Jake takes a picture with my phone of whatever we find. If we have time later that night, we'll review (okay, delete) the pictures after we've identified all the objects we found.

Some shopping trips I'm strictly in survival mode, but my success rate of a smooth trip is pretty high when I follow these tips. Have any other tried-and-true tips that help you when you shop? Drop a comment and let us know!

Happy shopping!