A Little Mama Inspiration

"It takes a village to raise a child."

There are so many amazing mamas out there. You know the ones - they put on a brave face despite serious personal hurdles, or they're busily schlepping their kids to and from every activity imaginable, exhausted from constantly putting themselves last.

They're kicking serious bum staying home, working, or doing a freelance or part-time gig. They're showing their kids respect and honesty, either through a Women's March or simply by holding the door for another customer at Target. They're examples of strength, humility, and boldness. Most of all, they love and protect their kin fiercely. 

As moms, there are so many small things we do each day that show the strength of our souls and love. So often, we get lost in the day-to-day routine of responsibilities, chores, and activities that we forget to thank each other, smile, and ask "Hey, how ARE you?".

We're all doing something amazing. And as a way to recognize, support and encourage others, we'll occasionally highlight moms in our community as a way to say, "hey, thanks." Know someone who might be a good profile? Shoot me a note at info@cartmama.com.


Kelly, Chief Mama